Stephanie has been learning about the body in action and rest for over two decades. Through her practice as a performer and vocalist, her understanding of the body has deepened the more curious she has become. In 2010, she began as a clinical massage therapist, treating chronic and acute injury through rehabilitation and working alongside chiropractors and physiotherapists. Stephanie runs her own practice, Deep Ground Massage + Bodywork, on site.

As a manual therapist, she focuses on the structure-function relationship of the body through not only the muscles but also the fascial, visceral, circulatory and nervous systems.

Stephanie uses this work to address recurring patterns within the body and overuse injuries, alleviate and affect chronic and acute pain, support transformations of postural deviations, and create awareness in the body by combining manual therapy with somatic work -a deep, personal knowledge of the body. When we can remap our own bodies, we can use them with less effort; we can live with less discomfort.


  • Regence BlueCross BlueShield (Premera, Innova, Anthem, etc)
  • Multiplan
  • First Choice Health Network

What Patients Say

I really appreciate the work that Stephanie provides. She has a relaxing atmosphere. I especially appreciate that I can ask for work on a troublesome spot, which I didn't realize was possible. This has helped out immensely.

- appreciative and relaxed patient

I love working with Stephanie. She is a continual student of the body, and I appreciate people who keep learning. She has also helped me to change the way I stand which has felt really good in my body. Yet it never feels like I'm being corrected, in fact she's often working to ensure I feel supported in how I sit, stand, move.

- standing better

Stephanie does a great job! From the first time I had a massage with her I felt at ease. I recently injured my neck and until I got a massage I was unable to get relief. Thank you for helping me to feel whole again.

- whole again

Stephanie is an extremely talented massage therapist. She always manages to work wonders on my achy joints and sore muscles. I highly recommend her!

- happy massage client