Your Neighborhood Wellness Center

As the premier Foster-Powell neighborhood wellness center, Apex Wellness Center is dedicated to our community. Why sit in traffic when you can walk or cycle to your appointment?

Most of our patients come to us because they’re dealing with pain, have been in an auto accident, experienced a sports injury or are seeking a balanced, healthy lifestyle. We approach our patients as individuals—learning about their needs, preferences and lifestyle values, and then recommending an appropriate, conservative care plan or referral. We don’t believe in a “one size fits all treatment” and we never recommend big care plans that patients don’t need.

What Our Patients Are Saying

Stephanie does a great job! From the first time I had a massage with her I felt at ease. I recently injured my neck and until I got a massage I was unable to get relief. Thank you for helping me to feel whole again.

- whole again

Rebecca Schacker is a fabulous chiropractor! Twice now I had issues which she was able to quickly diagnose, allaying my fears of needing further medical treatment and tests. I trust her wholeheartedly.. she truly understands the body and knows when something is just out or stressed. This saves me time and worry from having to go thru the medical system, with a quick diagnosis, treatment, and ideas for further care I can give myself at home! Highly recommend Apex Wellness and Rebecca Schacker

- Thrilled chiropractic patient

Kind, gentle, attentive. The providers my children and I use for acupuncture at Apex are kind, gentle, attentive, and extraordinary. Whenever I have questions, they help me figure out copay and payment details to utilize my benefits. Thank you!

- Local patient