We want to take a few moments to thank Kim Finley for all her hard work and dedication over the past three years.  She was a wonderful addition to Apex Wellness Center and will be missed.  Below is a farewell note from Kim to her patients.  Mary Jean will be the sole acupuncturist at Apex Wellness Center and will be able to see any of Kim’s patients.

I hope this letter finds you well and safe with your family, friends and critters.
I’ve missed you!!
This has been and continues to be quite the tour of the unknown. A big learning curve and certainly scary. Maybe even a time of suffering for some of us. My heart goes out to you if that’s true.
This quiet and potentially reflective time we have now, can become a resource for nourishing oneself. A break from the struggle to be always on, always producing, competing, creating, and the pressure to always be moving forward. We just had to stop! Yet there will be in time, some light coming up through the burrows,when we’re ready to meet the next moment or make the next move. But we can’t rush it.
Most of us are dealing with loss of some sort right now, whether financial, educational, missing our loved ones and more.. It forces us to learn to let go of what’s no longer there, or working, to say goodbye and to regroup. While having gratitude for the experiences we’ve grown from, having filtered through it all,  we keep close to us, what matters most. Then we can put even more commitment and energy behind our next shift, with more focus toward tomorrow’s opportunities.
Apex has been down for the count, for over a month now, to prevent the spread of the virus. And is only now, slowly opening with strong protocols in place to protect and keep everyone safe. There will continue to be fewer patients for all of the practitioners for some time to come.
And that includes myself. So, for me, it is a time to let go of my acupuncture practice here at Apex with Mary Jean of Green Lotus Acupuncture, to regroup and look ahead. I have no immediate plans to share yet, due to the continued effects of the virus affecting work opportunities of all kinds.
So, most importantly, I wish to thank you all.  Each and every one of you have provided for me a sharing of yourself, whether for a few hours or many over the years. And you allowed me into your trust. A priceless gift to say the least. And I’ve loved it. You let me share my enthusiasm for Chinese Medicine and gave me the opportunity to treat you. I hope that you have received benefits from the medicine and that going forward, you trust in Mary Jean to continue treating you. She is ready and willing to welcome you back!
I’m wishing you all, a lovely Spring and Summer. And if all goes well, you’ll be hearing from me again soon, about my next adventure. Meanwhile, stay safe and take care of each other.
Thank you.
Love and Hugs,
PS. My email address now is  kimfinli@gmail.com